About: Anthony Di Scala Productions (ADP)

ADPsminimovies.com contains film projects based on my two main hobbies; Filmmaking and Wargaming/Toy Collecting. I enjoy creating unique and entertaining films covering the different aspects of the Wargaming hobby such as collecting, model painting, terrain construction, game-play, story lines, etc. and post them to this site.  I’ve been dabbling in the genre of unboxing videos lately.  They have been a lot of fun to create and produce.  I am also working towards building relationships and partnerships with various gaming manufacturers so I can showcase their products in my films.

I’ve recently started a stop motion animated HeroQuest series.  This series covers all of the published quests that came with the base HeroQuest game along with its expansion packs.  I plan on creating animated series based on other games as well.  For example, I am working on ideas for an inFinity the game based series.

You can also follow a more detailed behind the scenes look into my adventures with War-gaming and Film-making @ http://adpsgamingcloset.blogspot.com/

The ADP’s Gaming Closet blog contains photos of my current game collection, model painting updates, terrain construction, upcoming video projects and eventually future games I am currently writing and developing..  You can visit my blog anytime to gain behind the scenes access to Anthony Di Scala Productions.

Thank you for visiting my website!

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