Shared Experiences

Ulag’s Six Sons

Ulag, the Orc Warlord not only pillaged and tormented HeroQuest, he was a family man.  He had 6 sons.  His eldest was Grak who will seek revenge for his father’s death in Episode 6.  Grak needs help from one of his brothers in order to defeat the Heroes.  Please follow the link below and cast your vote in the comment section for which brother will help Grak.  Stay tuned for Episode 6.

Ulag’s Sons: View and Vote

HeroQuest meets Legos!

HeroQuest meets Legos! Legoland, Legos, the beach, San Diego Zoo, and California were no match for our heroes. Our HeroQuest heroes needed a vacation after battling Zargon and his minions. They traveled to southern California to visit Legoland and the beach. They saw all of the sites and had time to get a tan.

Why is my Lumix GH4 Wiggin Out!

An ADP PSA: Why is my Lumix GH4 Wiggin Out! GH4 malfunction. GH4 turns off and on every few seconds. In this video I will show you how I figured out why my Panasonic Lumix GH4 was malfunctioning. You may want to watch this video if you are an owner of the Lumix GH4.

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I made this video to assist any other GH4 fans who may happen to stumble upon this issue. I was unable to find any use troubleshooting ideas to stop the camera from wiggin.

In this video I demonstrate an issue with the Panasonic Lumix GH4. The camera shuts off and on every few seconds. The camera is unusable! I sent it to the Panasonic Texas repair center. Unfortunately they were unable to duplicate the issue and told me the camera was fine. However, they went ahead and updated the firmware and corrected the audio noise issue most were having with the Video Mic Pro. The Texas repair center has excellent customer service and they were a pleasure to work with. After receiving the camera back, I noticed it was still malfunctioning. After major disapointment I took a breath and had a deep thinking moment. I figured out what the problem was………………. Check out the video to find out and thanks for watching.

Adobe After Effects Particle Smoke Trails.

Adobe After Effects smoke trail missile launch test sequence. Jet Strike from Video Copilot. Thanks to Andrew Kramer and Video Copilot, I’ve been able to learn over the years how to incorporate VFX shots into my films. Recently I’ve been learning how to create fighter jet scenes that I will be using in my upcoming films. These types of shots are going to come in handy and add to the overall environment of my war-gaming films. Thanks for watching.

The Innards of an Arizona Haboob

The Innards of an Arizona Haboob (Dust Storm) 2014 Panasonic GH4 4k rendered to 1080.  I used the panasonic Lunix GH4 and I shot these clips in 4k.  This video was made to show what it is like as a large dust storm rolls through a suburban neighborhood.  On occasion the national news will cover stories about the dust storms in the Phoenix area.  They mainly show a daunting dust cloud invading the city.  This video represents what it is like to stand in the middle of a dust storms.  They really aren’t as bad as they look, unless you are driving!