HeroQuest the Series! Episode Index

Episode A: An Introduction

Episode A:  Welcome to HeroQuest the Series. This an introductory episode to my new HeroQuest series. HeroQuest was such a great game from my childhood that I’ve decided to make a series based on the individual quests that came with the game. This is the first episode of the series and it covers the back story I wrote specifically for this show. Each episode will cover a specific quest from the HeroQuest gaming environment. I am going to try to have a new episode posted every few weeks or so. You can also follow this series @ http://ADPsgamingcloset.blogspot.com and see more details about the series and characters.

Episode 1: The Trial

Episode 1: ‘The Trial’ In this episode the Heroes seek out to find Fellmarg’s Tomb and defeat Verag the Gargoyle. Follow along as these 4 heroes find their way to the Ancient Temple. Will they survive or will they perish within this deep dark dungeon!

Episode 2: The Rescue of Sir Ragnar

Episode 2: ‘The Rescue of Sir Ragnar’ The heroes must rescue Sir Ragnar from Ulag’s prison. Ulag, the Orc Warlord, captured the knight in hopes of destroying the Emperor. The 4 heroes will battle monsters and creatures as they attempt this rescue mission. The four heros must keep their eyes open for clues and treasures along the way. Once they find Sir Ragnar they will need to make a break for it and get him to the stairway! This is another adventure as these 4 heroes make their way to the Ancient Temple. Will they survive or will they perish within this deep dark dungeon!

(you may need to watch these episodes a few times to catch all of the stunt actions)

Episode 3: The Orc Warlord

Episode 3: ‘The Orc Warlord’ follows the heroes on a search and destroy mission.  They are looking for Ulag, the Orc Warlord.  He was responsible for imprisoning Sir Ragnar and now Prince Magnus wants his head.  Ulag is a large Orc and a mighty warrior.  It will take the strength of all 4 heroes to defeat Ulag and end his reign.

Episode 4: Prince Magnus’ Gold

Episode 4: Prince Magnus’ Gold; follows the heroes on a search and recover mission.  They are looking for Prince Magnus’ gold.  The Gold was stolen by a band of Orcs lead by a Chaos Warrior named Gulthor.  This episode show cases a surprise cameo.

Episode 5: Melar’s Maze

Episode 5: Melar’s Maze; follows the heroes as they look for the Talisman of Lore.  In the previous episode, Orzan was attacked by Zargon.  Unable to gain back his mind strength, Orzan has become limited with his magic abilities.  The Talisman of Lore, if found, will help strengthen his mind and increase his magic abilities.  The HeroQuest Heroes will fight through new monsters throughout this maze quest.  Let’s see if they are able to make it through in one piece.

Episode 6: Legacy of the Orc Warlord

HeroQuest the Series! Season I – Episode 6: Legacy of the Orc Warlord;  follows the heroes as they escape from a prison cell after Ulag’s son, Grak, captured them to avenge his father.  Our heroes need to find their weapons and fight their way out of this dark dungeon.  

Episode 7: The Lost Wizard

Heroquest the Series! Episode 7: The Lost Wizard (Friday the 13th Special).  “The Emperor’s personal wizard, Wardoz, has disappeared.  The emperor fears that he has been murdered or has succumbed to the lures of chaos magic.  The heroes must find out what happened to Wardoz.  They will each be paid 100 gold coins upon returning to the stairway”.  Look out for guest appearances and a surprise ending.

Episode 8: The Fire Mage

Heroquest the Series! Episode 8: The Fire Mage.  “The Orcs of the Black Mountains have been using fire magic in their raids.  Balur, the Fire Mage, is thought to be responsible for helping them.  No fire magic can harm Balur and the emperor’s wizards are unable to counter his spells.  You have therefore been chosen to enter his lair, deep beneath Black Fire Crag.  The Emperor will reward each Hero with 100 gold coins for Balur’s destruction.”   This is another SPECIAL FRIDAY THE 13TH EDITION!!!!!!

Episode 9: Race Against Time

“A guide has led you into an underground maze that is rumored to hold a great secret. He has led you down many dark corridors and finally you find yourself in a room with three doors. Suddenly the guide puts out his torch and in the darkness you hear him laugh. ‘Farewell, my heroes,’ he sneers as he makes his escape. You realize to your horror that it is a trap! You must escape or perish in this dark, forgotten hole.”


Episode 10: Castle of Mystery

Heroquest the Series! Episode 10: Castle of Mystery. “Long ago, a wizard named Ollar discovered the entrance to a gold mine. Using his great powers, he built a magic castle above the mine to protect it. The lower chamber of the castle has many magical doors and is guarded by a host of monsters who were trapped in time. Can you find the entrance to the gold mine? Others have tried, but the castle thwarted them every time.”

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