iFiNiTY vs. Zombies the series!

iFiNiTY vs Zombies! 

In the year 2193 (175 years into the future from 2017), the  human race has discovered worm holes which allows for interstellar travel.  It was at that time the nations of earth formed an alliance in order to join the space race in using these wormholes to colonize far-off planets.  The Weyland Yutani Coorp was at the forefront of these adventures.

Prior to this time, Weyland had many disastrous encounters with different Alien races, i.e., Prometheus in 2093, the Nostromo egg encounter (Alien) in 2122, and the nucing of LV -426 in 2179 (Aliens – 57 years after Alien).
Over the next hundred years there would be friction between these alliances and the other factions, as they would compete for resources and technology.  The century long, intergalactic conflict nearly decimated the populations of all the iNFiNiTY factions. The Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Combined Army, Aleph and Tohaa factions were demolished. The few remaining survivors from these failed factions joined various teams of independent mercenaries.  Only two factions were left fighting over control of the worm holes, Panoceania & the Nomads.

In the year 2301, with energy resources drying up, Panoceania learned about a set of self sustaining energy stones that were developed by Weyland Yutani and stored in an isolated region on earth.  The Panoceania leadership decided to put together a group of elite mercenaries and form an iFiNiTY Strike Squad to send to Earth in order to be the first to retrieve these stones.  These energy stones would offer Panoceania enough power to finally eliminate the Nomads and take full control over all worm holes.  However, the Nomads, with the help of a double agent, learned of these stones and they are set to race Panoceania to Earth in hopes of locating the stones first.  Did Weyland Yutani develop these stones or did they steal the technology from an unknown alien race?

Little do these two factions know, but earth is now populated by Zombies!  Not only do they have to deal with the each other, but zombie hordes will be chomping at their heels while they hunt for the stones.  Not only will they have to deal with zombies, there are numerous post apocalyptic gangs and armies who do not take kindly to the new space visitors.

iFiNiTY vs Zombies (iVz) – 2301.

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