The ADP Train

Proud to introduce this enormous project to the ADP portfolio. The ADP Train Table aka The Land of Make Believe, will be a universal train layout, gaming table and most importantly a sound stage for future ADP films. There will be 5 terrain zones with different environmental settings. Each of these zones will act as a gateway to other offsite terrain environments for our mini friends. The ADP Train is the center point for all of the lands in the ADP universe.

All Aboard The ADP Train

Running the Berkshire End of the Line Halloween engine (LionChief Plus) to test the layout and spacing for buildings and bridges.

The ADP Train Update: 1


A stop motion video demonstrating the construction of the track layout on the foam base. Testing out the size of the layout and determining where canyons and bridges will be installed.

The ADP Train Update: 2


Testing the track layout along with building structures. Finding the best positioning for different terrain pieces.

The ADP Train Update: 3


Canyons have been carved, tunnels have be excavated, and bridges were installed. All tracks have been wired and screwed into the foam with the use of press board. A few electrical accessories have been installed such as crossing signals and a rundown train station.


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