HeroQuest the Series – Ulag’s 6 Children

November 5th 2015 – And the winner is:  Brother 2  Stay tuned for Episode 6.


Please help me choose Ulag’s second son for Episode 6

Ulag, the HeroQuest Orc Warlord not only pillaged and tormented the HQ realm, he was also a family man.  Ulag had 6 sons, the eldest being Grak.  Grak is the star of HQ Episode 6 who’s seeking revenge for the death of his father.

“Grak – Episode 6”

Grak needs the assistance of one of his brothers in order to defeat the heroes.  Please help me choose which brother will help Grak.  Please add your vote to the comments section.  Thank you and stay tuned for Episode 6……..

Brother 1

P1180805Brother 2                                                  


Brother 3


Brother 4                                                      

P1180801Brother 5


10 thoughts on “HeroQuest the Series – Ulag’s 6 Children

  1. I like Brother 2 as well. Since he doesn’t have all of the combat equipment I envision him as the strategist for war which would make him a leader instead of a follower.


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