The Lord of Plagues

The Lord of Plagues was given to me by my daughter as a Christmas present in 2019. I set out to make this model my best paint job yet. He came with both a round and square base. I figured out a way to use both. The square base would allow me to use this character in the HeroQuest series and the round base allowed for more display piece quality. I look forward to using this guy in an upcoming episode.

Hidden behind the dread mask of one of Nurgle’s executioners, the Lord of Plagues gazes impassively at the victims of the vile blessings that swathe him. Able to poison a man from a dozen paces away, he visits grim fates on those foolish enough to get close with his Plague-ridden Great Blade. His frame is a repulsive collection of rancid boils, open sores and cankerous bulges – truly, blessed by Nurgle.

This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything needed to assemble one Lord of Plagues, wielding a Plague-ridden Great Blade.  

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