The ADP Train – End of the Line Express Halloween Train

Introducing the End of the Line Express Halloween Train. The Lionel Lionchief Plus ELX Bershire Express Halloween Steam Engine is pulling a passenger car which was customized using a Budweiser train car and now named the Dead on Arrival passenger car. The End of the Line Caboose comes next which offers a full service of haircuts and facials to new headless horseman candidates. The final car is a Reese’s Pieces stock car just in case the Vampire Blood Bar (located in the Dead on Arrival car) runs out of snacks. This train may arrive anywhere at anytime on the ADP train/gaming table. Look out for a future Halloween Town during the right time of year.

The conversion of the Budweiser passenger car was fun and challenging. The decal process didn’t workout as planned but the end result seems to work out alright.

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