HeroQuest the Series! Season 1 – Episode 1: The Trial

HeroQuest – Quest 1: The Trial (Live Action). HeroQuest the Series is a gaming miniatures live action show. In this episode the Heroes seek out to find Fellmarg’s Tomb and defeat Verag the Gargoyle. Follow along as these 4 heroes find their way to the Ancient Temple.

(you may need to watch these episodes a few times to catch all of the stunt actions)

You can also follow this series @ ADPsgamingcloset.blogspot.com and see more details about the series and characters. Thank you for watching and I really hope you enjoy it.

For more information on the custom HeroQuest board you see in these videos: http://adpsgamingcloset.blogspot.com/2015/01/custom-heroquest-board.html

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